Master of Ceremony


"Honoring the voice of my imagination”

-F a r r a h B o u l é


F a r r a h B o u l é is a multiple award winning Artist, Oral Traditionalist and a true Poet of science. She is the Founder of Tribal Hop Musical Ecosystem of Healing Arts, a global initiative aimed to inspire balance between Mother Nature and Humanity. Using ancient oral traditions, live instrumentation and new age narration to unearth the truth behind nature’s frequencies and hidden stories. When performing F a r r a h conjures up new worlds by engaging in her own artful explosion, creative fantasy and spirited musical evolution, mesmerizing those fortunate enough to see her fill the stage with a flawless expression of the human condition.  Often compared to Eartha Kitt, Nina Simone and Sade for her elegant, exotic look, distinctive voice and spellbinding performance. Her passion enchants her audience one provocative riff after the other with a sophisticated blend of neoclassical futurism, cinematic storytelling, abstract jazz and multi-dimensional rhythms to create a global musical masterpiece.

Her creative work takes a wide variety of forms from composing, directing and producing. She is a recipient of the Maya Angelou Harlem Renaissance Academy Award for her creative musical contributions. Her first album "Oval Metal" garnered her the Underground Music Award for Best Female Artist. Her uniqueness spreads across all realms, including academia, having been personally invited to perform at prestigious institutions such as New York University. F a r r a h had the great pleasure of headlining at the launching of breaking convention at the legendary Apollo Music Cafe.

Her musical influences would include Sade, Nas, Bob Marley, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Luciano Pavarotti, Fela Kuti, Grace Jones and many more iconic world music legends. Farrah Boulé has shared the stage with notable international Artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Robert Glasper, Harlem Renaissance Orchestra, Bilal, Amel Larrieux, Jeff Tain Watts and Mos Def, just to name a few. Headlining with her band at renown venues, jazz shrines, festivals, corporate and private events nationally and abroad. Farrah Boulé is difficult to categorize and impossible to forget. Her purpose is to create an expression which incites the human spirit toward greater wholeness and transformation.

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